Our Mission

Onionhead & Company is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to bringing emotional awareness and problem solving skills to the world.  We use an onion as a medium to express peeling our feelings, as a way of healing our feelings.  As well, an onion has no gender, which is beneficial for children's usage.

Life today is fraught with fear inducing events and negative news.  More than ever, we need to pull resources together that can infuse us with calmness, emotional intelligence and mindfulness.  The goal of Onionhead is to share these kind of materials free of charge to the whole planet. Though at times peace seems very unlikely, we do have the wherewithall to create a peace of mind within ourselves.  The Onionhead team believes that if we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem. This belief has been our guiding star that keeps us going.

To live a happy and healthy life, no matter how old you are, is based on our ability to know and deal with our feelings.  The world today is complex and confusing,  therefore, we make a very strong effort to create materials that are easy and simple.  We provide uncomplicated solutions to difficult every day problems and challenges.  Though our materials are geared for children, tweens and teens, we have materials that can assist the adults as well. To see where our free material has been downloaded, read more!


Free Downloads

Disclaimer: Onionhead & Company offers free written materials that can be voluntarily downloaded and does not claim that they solve or cure any illness or problems.


For Kids up to 10

A-Z of facing feelings

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Peace Flags

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Hero Program

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For Tweens & Teens

Feeling Empowered Guide

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OH taking care of his pets

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Overcoming Problems and Depression manual

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For Teens and Adults

Harnessing our Happiness

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Learning About Love

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Parenting Made Easy Manual

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Conflict Resolution Manual

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Transforming Challenging Feelings Guide

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Healing Addiction Manual

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Quote for the Day for Teens & Adults

Peel it - Feel it - Heal it

OH Video

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Tweens, Teens and Adults




Being Brave

Two Wolves

Victory Over Negativity

Recipe for a Delicious Person

Why Listening is Important

The Garden of Daily Living

How to make everyday a day of kindness

51 Positive Things to Say to Your Child



Problem Solving






Anger Management

Suicidal Feelings

Suicide Prevention Wisdoms

Overcoming & Avoiding Anxiety




Peel it - Feel it - Heal it

Kids Maze